Insurance Services by Sims Mortgages and Protection

Thinking about death, dying, injury and illness can seem a little morbid, but the realities for most people is that you will have experienced one of the above and had to manage a combination of the emotional, psychological and financial impact. It would be unthinkable for most people not to insure their homes, cars and pets, so why wouldn’t you take steps to safeguard your family financially.

Our Insurance Service advisors will guide you through an assessment questionnaire, which guarantees we have all the information we need to conduct a thorough evaluation of your insurance needs.

If you already have insurance in place, we can use it to assess your current policies ensuring they remain valid. Every client will automatically receive a free annual review, or wherever there’s been a change in personal circumstances. The added value of working with us is that we remain updated of any policy changes that might affect you.